Acquire New Sales Mandates Thanks To The Logic-Immo.Be Property Valuers Appraiser

particularly interesting to connect with real estate agencies. And that’s exactly what Property Valuers going to do.”

The real estate market knows a lot of demand for few offers. Agents therefore need to include new assets in their portfolio. Aware of these challenges, is developing a new product.

Value estimation with Property Valuers, partner of choice

How does this work ? On the home page, a new “Estimate” button allows the user to access the property appraiser. He is then invited to encode several pieces of information such as the location, the type of property (house or apartment), the year of construction, the living area, the presence of a garden or a terrace….

Then, a free estimate is provided.

If he wishes, the Internet user can complete this information by downloading a paid report containing numerous information specific to the property and its valuation (Description of the district, proximity to services of the types: health care, administration, transport, schools, …sales history) This report also recalls the advantages of calling on a professional: going through a real estate agent is the best guarantee of having a good price and a worry-free sale.

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