James Powditch

A Sculpture by... Australian Galleries Melbourne: August 2009
The Spirit Within Australian Contemporary Art, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre: December 2009
2010 Sulman Prize Exhibition, AGNSW: March 2010
mixed media 2009
© James Powditch

The background is one of literature's great journeys - the story of Odysseus and his 10 year struggle to get back to Ithaca. That is the first metapor. The second is the film reel, symbol of Powditch's lifelong fascination with movies. The third is Eric Newtown's History of Modern Architecture, which traces shifts of Western civilization into modernism. With these elements Powditch builds his cathedral, his place of centre, harmony and contemplation.

by Rosemary Crumlin, extract from The Spirit Within Australian Contemporary Art Catalogue Nov 2009



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