James Powditch

Great Depression – Leg Theory

Winner 2012 Cricket Art Prize, Members Pavilion, Sydney Cricket Ground & International Cricket Hall of Fame (Bradman Museum), Bowral
mixed media 2012
© James Powditch

Bradman was a beacon of hope during the great depression, no matter how bad it got at least we had Bradman. Bodyline shattered all that and with it the national confidence. But he and Australia came back to cricket glory and from the Great Depression. Watching the Olympics and working on this piece got me thinking about how the Australian mood is affected by our sporting performance. 35 medals, yet the mood seemed to be one of disappointment, that somehow we didn't quite achieve what was expected. Yet I remember the bad old days of the 70's, Montreal not a single gold medal and the 80's, a low for Australian cricket. But we came back...


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