James Powditch

2007 Salon des Refuses: March 2007
timber, paper & paint
© James Powditch 2007

The title references the old chaos theory saying that when a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil it can cause a tornado in Texas (or a cyclone in Australia) such is the ripple on effect of initially small, seemingly inconsequential events anywhere in the world.  The synoptic map is from Christmas eve 1974 of Cyclone Tracy - an event etched in the Australian psyche. In 2006  the strongest cyclone (Monica) ever recorded formed off the coast of Australia and in 2004, for the first time ever, a Hurricane (Katerina) formed in the south Atlantic and hit Brazil. These events are expected to increase in frequency and intensity. Old photos of seascapes serve a dual purpose - oceans are the engine of world weather and are on the rise whilst the nostalgic images hark back to another age pre-global warming.


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