James Powditch


Loves Lost
Gallipoli Art Prize, The Gallipoli Club Sydney: April 2013
mixed media 2013
© James Powditch

In 1966, the year I was born, Australia committed troops to Vietnam and conscription was expanded to include service overseas. My father was eligible for the draft and could so easily have been sent. It was run as a lottery and if your birthday date came up then you could be drafted. It got me thinking about how chance and luck play a role in who and where people are sent in all wars and ultimately who may even live and die. And, how the sacrifices that were made were spread across such a broad spectrum of people. Mothers lost their children; children lost their fathers and wife their husbands. The soldiers sometimes lost years away from the ones they loved, marking days on a calendar and looking at photos from home, waiting to return. And those at home did likewise while awaiting news of their loved ones safety and wellbeing. Unbearable, aching loss for so many....

James Powditch is a current finalist in the Archibald and Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and a past winner of the Blake Prize, The Mosman Art Prize and in 2012 The Cricket Art Prize.

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