James Powditch

The Emerald Forest
2007 Sulman Prize Exhibition: Art Gallery of NSW, March 2007
timber, cloth, paper & paint
© James Powditch 2007

Takes its name and inspiration from John Boorman's The Emerald Forest. The film is an environmental thriller and concerns itself with the conflict between technological civilisation and the natural environment of the Amazon and its peoples. In a global sense the Amazon basin is the lungs of the world and one of the key drivers of world weather - it's loss due to clearing for agriculture etc, will have profound effects on world weather and is one of the key elements leading to global warming. The butterfly image was sourced through The Australian Museum and is a fairly common butterfly across the region. The image references the old chaos theory saying that when a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil it can cause a tornado in Texas such is the ripple on effect of initially small, seemingly inconsequential events. The repetitive use of the coffee sacks alludes to an era of hyper consumerism with an insatiable need for raw materials and more obviously the clearing of land in the Amazon for agriculture.


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