Enjoy Civilization (presented by Defiance Gallery at the Seymour Centre May - Dec 07)

All pieces are mixed media constructions, the majority of which are designed to be hung on walls > thumbnail pics scroll across the screen and may be viewed as larger individual images > = sold

A selection of large scale works will be hung along side a major new work, "Enjoy Civilization" (244 x 780 cm) in the expansive first floor foyer. This billboard sized work is constructed of theatre flats plastered with the pages of old Pelican science books, overlaid with a series of painted images. As a former set builder and props maker for the Sydney Dance Co. and Sydney Theatre Co. it's a familiar and enticing place to exhibit. The modernist interior offers a perfect backdrop to a show that includes works from exhibitions such as Boo!, Spaghetti Western and Cinemascope.

University of Sydney press release

Boo! press release PDF
Spectrum, SMH review Aug05 (Boo!)

Seymour Centre

Enjoy Civilization

Seymour Centre

Enjoy Civilization (marquette)

Empire of the Sun

Days of Heaven V


Boo! – To Kill A Mockingbird

Seymour Centre

Of Mice & Men II


Fahrenheit 451

Blue Velvet

Bladerunner IV

Artificial Intelligence II

Night of the Hunter

Seymour Centre

High Plains Drifter

For a Few Dollars More III

Django The Bastard!