It's the End of the World as
We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Flinders Street Gallery August 07

All pieces are mixed media constructions, the majority of which are designed to be hung on walls > thumbnail pics scroll across the screen and may be viewed as larger individual images > = sold

Spectrum, SMH article Sep07
The Daily Telegraph article Aug07

All these works are a take on global warming seen thru my particular obsession with old apocalyptic sci-fi movies like Soylent Green, Omega Man, On the Beach, Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes as well as environmental thrillers like The Emerald Forest and Deliverance.

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God is in the detail
(Intelligent Design)

Co-winner 2005 Blake Prize

The Emerald Forest


On The Beach


Enjoy Soylent Green

Brazil II

Swan Song

On The Beach II

The World According to Mike Archer

28 Days Later

Flowers for Algernon

The Omega Man

Perfect Storm

Twelve Monkeys (Half a Dozen Monkeys)

Silent Running

Planet of the Apes II

Emerald Forest II