Kornfield (Australian Galleries, Roylston Street 16 May – 9 June 13)

All pieces are mixed media constructions, the majority of which are designed to be hung on walls > thumbnail pics scroll across the screen and may be viewed as larger individual images > = sold

Kornfield review by Lorna Johston

Kornfield VI

Kornfield VII

Kornfield VIII

Kornfield IX

Kornfield X

Kornfield XI

Kornfield XII

Kornfield XIII

Kornfield XXV

Kornfield XXVI

Kornfield XVII

Kornfield XVIII

Kornfield XIX

Kornfield XX

Kornfield XXI

Kornfield XXII

Kornfield XXIII

Kornfield XXIV

Kornfield XXV

Kornfield XXVI

Kornfield XXVII

Kornfield XXVIII

Kornfield XXIX

Kornfield XXX

Kornfield XXXI

Kornfield XXXII

Kornfield XXXIII

Kornfield XXXIV

Kornfield XXXV

Kornfield XXXIX