Prizes/Group Exhibitions

All pieces are mixed media constructions, the majority of which are designed to be hung on walls > thumbnail pics scroll across the screen and may be viewed as larger individual images > = sold

All these works were either finalists in prize exhibitions or are one-offs made especially for various group exhibitions

James Powditch image

Youth Without Youth

Group Exhibition, Gallery Eccose, Exeter NSW


Finalist 2013 Paddington Art Prize

Kornfield XIV

Finalist 2013 Wynne Prize

Ben Quilty, where is my mind? (after The Pixies)

Finalist 2013 Archibald Prize

Loves Lost

Finalist 2013 Gallipoli Art Prize

Great Depression – Leg Theory

Winner 2012 Cricket Art Prize

Blues Point

Finalist 2012 Wynne Prize

Berserk Warriors

2012 Art of Music

Grapes of Wrath - Made in the USA

A Cabinet of Curiosities 2011


Finalist 2011 Wynne Prize

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Martin Sharp

2011 Salon des Refuses (Archibald)

Loene Carmen - She Walks Like Love

2010 Archibald entry (not selected)

Under the Milky Way

2010 Art of Music

Elephant in the Room

Zooair Exhibition and Auction 2010


Finalist 2010 Gallipoli Art Prize


Finalist 2010 Sulman Prize,
The Spirit Within Australian Contemporary Art 2009

Bladerunner V

A Sculpture by...
Group Exhibition, Australian Galleries, Sydney

Peter Powditch is a Dead Man Smoking

Finalist 2009 Archibald Portrait Prize

Made in Australia
– Lake Burley Griffin

Finalist 2009 Wynne Prize

The Lucky Country
– Lake Burley Griffin

Finalist 2008 Paddington Art Prize

Superpower Made in Australia

Food for Thought 2008

Once Upon a Time there was the West

Finalist 2008 Woollahra Sculpture Prize

Cattle and Cane

2008 Art of Music

Aden Young in Once Upon a Time in the Inner West

Finalist 2008 Archibald Portrait Prize

Pulp - show us your map of Tassie II

Finalist 2008 Wynne Prize

Superpower - Made in Japan

Finalist 2008 Sulman Prize

Pulp - show us your map of Tassie

Finalist 2007 Paddington Art Prize (Highly Commended)

Superpower (Made in China)

Finalist 2007 Dobell Drawing Prize

Butterfly Effects

Winner 2007 Mosman Art Prize

Mosman Art Prize Artist's Statement
Mosman Art Prize 2007 Judge's Report PDF
Mosman Prize article Jul07

Controvery & Acclaim - 60 years of the Mosman Art Prize

Robert Connolly

2007 Salon des Refuses (Archibald)


2007 Salon des Refuses (Wynne)

The Emerald Forest

Finalist 2007 Sulman Prize

The World According to Mike Archer

2006 Salon des Refuses (Archibald)

On The Beach

Finalist 2006 Wynne Prize

God is in the detail
(Intelligent Design)

Co-winner 2005 Blake Prize

SMH Blake Prize article Nov05
The Australian Blake Prize article Nov05
Wentworth Courier Blake Prize article Nov05
Uni of Sydney website Blake Prize article Nov05

of Home II 

ABN AMRO 2005 Emerging Artist Award

Greensleeves of Home 

Finalist 2005 Wynne Prize

Fountainhead III

2004 Salon des Refuses (Wynne)


Three Faces of
Robert Connolly

2005 Salon des Refuses (Archibald)


Blue Velvet

Finalist 2004 Sulman Prize


Catch 22

Finalist 2003 Sulman Prize

Fahrenheit 451

Finalist 2002 Sulman Prize