Superpower (Australian Galleries, Glenmore Road 21 May - 13 June 09)

All pieces are mixed media constructions, the majority of which are designed to be hung on walls > thumbnail pics scroll across the screen and may be viewed as larger individual images > = sold

– Made in USA (optimism)

– Made in China III

– Made in USSR

Made in Australia - Pulp (Show us your map of Tassie)

Finalist 2008 Wynne Prize

Superpower - Made in Japan

Finalist 2008 Sulman Prize

Once Upon a time there was the West II

Made in Great Britain

Made in USA

Made in Germany
- Berlin 36

Made in Greece

Made in Italy

Made in Japan II

Made in South Korea

Made in Belgium

Made in West Germany
- Munich '72

Made in The Netherlands

Made in Sweden - Berserk Warriors

Made in Canada

Made in Spain

Made in Italy II

Made in Mexico - Chariots of the Gods

Made in Finland - Helsinki

Made in France

Made in Australia
– Lake Burley Griffin

Finalist 2009 Wynne Prize

The Lucky Country
– Lake Burley Griffin

Finalist 2008 Paddington Art Prize

Made in Canada II
– Silent Running